Andrea Ya’aqov first collection was launched for the first time during Milan Fashion week on June, 2013.

The first collection was focused on few pieces with a very clear identity and design: the hoodies.
The intuition of the designers was to transform an iconic item, the timeless hoodie, abandoning the traditional silhouettes to create unusual proportions through the intrusion of completely unusual elements.

The sweatshirt abandoned its explicit streetwear nature to pay tribute in a more abstract way to an essential and futuristic aesthetics in volumes and shapes.

That’s how Andrea Ya’aqov started…


Andrea Ya’aqov loves contrasts, the unexpected, the essential.

His collections can be defined as urban and futuristic , specially in the choice of ever contrasting materials and treatments that tell of his love for the opposite, linear against irregular geometry, white vs. black.

Unstitched edges, overlapping cuts, glossy-matte contrast and minimalist colors highlight the character of each garment designed by Ya’aqov.

Designed and 100% made in Italy.

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